At iMomentous, we believe that people should be happy and inspired in their jobs. To help people achieve that goal, we build simple, intelligent, engaging solutions that connect job seekers and employers.

We believe that an optimized mobile experience is more than a shrunken version of your desktop website. It is a channel unto itself, a completely different paradigm that must be designed for a swipe-and-tap, content-light user community. Our technology helps employers find the right candidates by creating the best user experience on any mobile device.

Our team is a blend of experienced industry experts, serial entrepreneurs, world-class developers and passionate “people” people. We are aligned around a vision of helping great people and great companies find each other on the mobile devices that have come to dominate web-browsing behavior.


  • mahe-bayireddy
    Mahe Bayireddy CEO & Cofounder


  • brad-goldoor
    Brad Goldoor VP of Channel & Cofounder


  • hari-bayireddy
    Hari Bayireddy COO & Cofounder


  • michael-shenkman
    Michael Shenkman VP of Finance


  • ed-newman
    Ed Newman VP of Strategy


  • jeff-vogel
    Jeff Vogel VP of Marketing

    Wild Card

  • eric-offner
    Eric Offner VP of Sales



  • manish-sao
    Manish Sao VP of Technology

    Mad Scientist

  • swagat-irsale
    Swagat Irsale VP of Product Delivery